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Considering the current day rivalry between William Chrisman High School and Truman High School, it may well seem odd to many that the Class of 1965 has chosen to do joint Class Reunions all these years. Well, simply put, the Classes of 1965 went to school together for 11 of the 12k years and then were forcefully split into the two schools their Senior Year. The stupidity of the decision makers failed to break the bonds of friendship between the two graduating classes of 1965.

We gladly share this site with all classes. And, we sincerely hope that you enjoy the site - please visit often.

WCHS 2013 Hall of Fame Nomination Form

If you or someone you know should be considered for induction into the WCHS Hall of Fame as an Athlete, Coach, School Administrator, Teacher or Benefactor -- please download the nomination form and submit the completed form to WCHS AD Dan Ogle No Later Than January 10, 2013.

To download the 2013 WCHS Hall of Fame Nomination Form Click Here

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To make navigating this site easier, please understand how it is put together in the following five basic parts plus an About Us Page

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This is the listing of Class Reunion Events Which We Know Of For This Year

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This is the basic reason for the site. Classes is the area where you can find out information about individual graduating Classes' Reunions Plans. This includes the four over-lapping Truman/Chrisman years of 1965, 1966, 1967 and 1968. To go to the Classes area

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From time to time there are items which all classes - and for that matter any site visitor - may want to know about. To go to our site news area

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Dan Olge, William Chrisman Activities Director has shared some current school year events where alumni attendance is encouraged such as Homecoming, Court Warming, Chrisman Relays, etc. Alumni are needed to assist with the LINK run each Spring to help raise scholarship money for Chrisman, Truman and Van Horn students. And, there are some school highlighted areas you can visit from this page's Directory.

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It is said that for each student a teacher instructs, 500 lives are impacted. What a beautiful thing. Here-to-fore, we have done poorly at best keeping track of our teaching core. Please help us improve this area by doing an interview with a couple of your favorite teachers and then e-mailing us the text. Thank you. To go to the Teachers area

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Homeless Students:

The Alumni Association recognizes the need to provide what assistance we can to the Independence School District Homeless Students.

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